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Thread: Motion sensor controlled Tilt and Pan Camera (wireless)

  1. Re: Motion sensor controlled Tilt and Pan Camera (wireless)

    Thanks guys this is all really helpful!!

    I'll Keep you updated with project and might come back if i need more help thanks again really appreciated!!

    I'll also post my results thanks


  2. Re: Motion sensor controlled Tilt and Pan Camera (wireless)

    Wondering about the range to theXbee Starter Kit, it say 100 meters... likelyhood is that my plane is gonna go way beyond that.... anyway I can boost it??

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    Re: Motion sensor controlled Tilt and Pan Camera (wireless)

    There are different versions of the xbee modules they range from the short range (included with the kit) to 900mhz versions with lower data rates but distances up to 6 miles check out the 60mW it has an approx 1 mile range. You can piece together the same items as the kit except using the 60mW xbees and get 1 mile range.

    Also the antenna will affect range
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    Re: Motion sensor controlled Tilt and Pan Camera (wireless)

    Yeah, and planes are in a much more best-case scenario. With an antenna on a building, bot on the ground, even the shortest range xbees will reach out 500+ ft. The airplane has a large look/footprint between it and the ground.

    Lowering the datarate also raises the reliability and distance. You surely don't need more than 2400bps for two servos!
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  5. Re: Motion sensor controlled Tilt and Pan Camera (wireless)

    Okay, I dont know if this will help or not, BUT (LOL) I have been tossing around building a mech for the Mechwar Games in 2k10. I was considering using such a setup as my pan/tilt on the torso and did some research on hardware. I was able to find these if they help any:

    If you wish to slap me now I wont run much LOL. I am at work and way to tired.

    They plug into the RC Transmitter as another channel on the trainer link or something like that.
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