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Thread: LIDAR Round 2!

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    Checked out your Blog, quite impressive. The reason I developed LDR-M10 was to avoid all the processing needed for triangulation solutions such as XV-11. The LDR-M10 is a true time of flight range finder that, due to its wide beam width (+/- 20Deg), does not get fooled by furniture and sound absorbing material. Once placed on a servo, it can be aimed at the area of interest to look for obstacles.

    Because it is only 65 grams and draws 900mW, it can easily be placed on a small robotic platform. I am working on this right now and will up load a video in a few months.

    For mapping a room, I have to agree with you. But for navigation and object avoidance, specially outside in indirect sun, I believe LDR-M10 TOF approach is superior.

    Thank you for your valuable feedback, BY THE WAY THE ITEM IS NOW ON SALE!

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    Re: LIDAR Round 2!

    So it has the basic functionality (wide field of view) of a ~$30 sonar sensor with higher accuracy and more reliable surface detection?

    The XV-11's LDS produces a 360 degree radial depth map (encoder position in degrees and radial distance in mm), no external processing/triangulation required.

    For narrower field of view, there are the ever popular Sharp IR distance sensors ($10-$15) (triangulating calulations done onboard, but non-linear distance to voltage relationship).
    And now Parallax makes a ready to use triangulating laser rangefinder with UART interface ($130 for 1Hz ranging over 6"-48" and object detection up to 8 ft. Can grab full images from the camera and everything (BOM, Schematic, Gerber files, Source code) is released under Creative Commons Attribution 3.0, so you can even build your own.).

    Honestly, it is really cool to see a TOF sensor, but it doesn't seem too advantageous other than its high update rate.
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    There is a lot to be said for fast update rate. For example the speed of a vehicle is limited by the sensors update rate. Also, for control loop applications, the speed makes the difference between being able to control something or not. Remember that this sensor can work out-doors too. There are specific applications of this technology that will become more clear in the coming months.

    One of the reasons I made this sensor was the the limitations of ultrasonic sensors. From a slow response all the way to undefined lobes and limitations on performance on different materials.

    Do you know the power requirements of the XV-11?

    Thanks for the great feedback.


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    Quote Originally Posted by tician View Post
    it is really cool to see a TOF sensor
    Is this what you were looking for?

    TOF LRF home made, open source:

    • max range: >100m
    • best resolution: <1cm
    • best update rate: 100 readings per second

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