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Thread: Pic servo control question

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    Re: Pic servo control question

    You can download a servo driver for the Propeller on the object exchange.

    It takes up one cog. That way you don't need any extra hardware.

  2. Re: Pic servo control question

    Yeah, but it was my intent to save on propeller memory. Riding at 30mph it will already have a load of work to do to keep itself from wrecking.

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    Re: Pic servo control question

    Each of the 8 COGs are deterministic at 20MIPS each or 160MIPS in total. The servo driver executes in a single COG and can control 32 servos. Very little HUB memory is needed. At 30mph that's 37,878 instructions per inch per COG.

  4. Re: Pic servo control question

    Yeah, well, it's a battle you're not going to win. When I get all I want I will be working with:
    1 or 2 ir heat sensors
    3 sonar sensors
    many front bumper ir sensors
    break motor
    steering motor
    servos for each sonar sensor
    2 servos for the engine
    rpm measurement from the engine
    actual rpm of shaft after leaving clutch to detect slippage
    sd card writing/reading
    emergency warning leds
    cmu cam
    rf transmitter/receiver
    -and a lot more once I have all this
    Some people have already tried telling me I won't have a space problem, but trust me, I will.

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    Re: Pic servo control question

    Ok, now I have to ask: What exactly do you intend to do with a CMUCam on a bot moving 30mph?


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    Re: Pic servo control question

    Wow so adding 2 servos pushed the Propeller memory over the edge. Still very impressive that you're controlling all those devices with a Prop.

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    I was hoping to spread out the use, give me more time for calculations and such. Also, I'm currently not doing all that with the prop. I only have the hardware for 1/3 of it and I'll buy the rest in the next couple weeks. My robot isn't quite done either, but after doing some welding on the steering system yesturday I'm ready to test it out. If all works, it will be autonomous without breaks, which I will finish up in a week or two. Then it's the harder part of getting my 1/3 hp 12v motor hooked up so I can go backwards with the bot, then the hardest pard will be the alternator because I have to modify the engine shaft as well as mount the alternator in a way that it can tighten the belt easily. I'm also not sure how to run it, I'll probably end up wandering around some junkyard looking for a battery charger I can connect to it.

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    Here is a pic of what I'm doing this for. I'll post a thread specifically on this later once I get bit more done on it.

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    Re: Pic servo control question

    Cool chassis! Looks like it'd be interesting for a Magellan-type application.

    Now, if you could control one of those Llamas with a PIC, that'd ROCK!
    I Void Warranties´┐Ż

  10. Re: Pic servo control question

    Idk about controlling them, but I did think about chasing them
    As for the chassis it really isn't all that great. After many weeks of working on it it still came out with a lot of problems. I think I've done a good job covering them up and fixing them though. I've definitely learned a great deal about mechanics and welding while building it, and now its time to do the same with it's software.

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