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Thread: Autonomous robot's navigation

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    Autonomous robot's navigation


    Now I work at associative video memory. The method still in developing (now it version 0.5)
    but it gives good results already today.

    I am dealing with research of computer vision in parallel with my main job
    at "Impulse" more than three years (it is my hobby).

    About me:

    In the beginning my achievements were insignificant and little part of ideas has worked properly.
    But I did not surrender. I generated big quantity of hypotheses and then test it.

    The most ideas did not work indeed but those that worked were similar to particles of gold
    in huge quantity of dross. My associative video memory method is working indeed.

    ============================- Common information -==========================

    Algorithm AVM uses a principle of multilevel decomposition of recognition matrices,
    it is steady against noise of the camera and well scaled, simply and quickly
    for training, also it shows acceptable quick-action on a greater image resolution
    of entrance video (960x720 and more). The algorithm works with grayscale images.

    The detailed information about AVM algorithm can be looked here:

    AVM SDK v0.5 with examples of using and tests for comparison
    of characteristics of the previous and new versions:

    Demonstration video how to train AVM:

    AVM demo with the user interface (GUI), installation for Windows:

    Connect the web-camera and start AVM demo after installation of "Recognition.exe".
    After starting the program will inform that there is not stored previously data
    of training AVM and then will propose to establish the key size of the image
    for creation of new copy AVM. Further train AVM using as an example Face_training_demo.avi.

    ========================- Robot's navigation -=========================

    I also want to introduce my first experience in robot's navigation powered by AVM.

    Briefly, the navigation algorithm do attempts to align position of a tower
    and the body of robot on the center of the first recognized object in the list
    of tracking and if the object is far will come nearer and if it is too close it
    will be rolled away back.

    See video below:

    I have made changes in algorithm of the robot's control (Navigator.cpp)
    also I have used low resolution of entrance images 320x240 pixels.
    And it gave good result (see "Follow me"):

    Source code of "Navigator" program:

    During experiments I noted significant reserve of quick-action
    when AVM v0.5 is working with resolution 320x240.

    And it give me good conditions for starting of new experiments
    in navigation field (algorithm "Location tree"), of course I also
    will try to make AVM faster with resolution 640x480 in the future.

    Also I finished some experiments with "Natural beacons":

    Source code of demo (project "Beacons test"):

    I hope that this information can help you in questions:
    How we can use AVM algorithm?

    If somebody can read in Russian then welcome: (Russian thread: "Autonomous robot's navigation").

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    Re: Autonomous robot's navigation

    Wow this works great so far! How easy would it be to interface it with python?
    Dalton Caughell

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    Re: Autonomous robot's navigation

    WOW Nice I'll be taking a more indepth look at this over the weekend

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    Re: Autonomous robot's navigation

    Dear Dmitriy, first - welcome to the Trossen Robotics Forum!

    Thank you most sincerely for sharing such a comprehensive result of your investigations into computer vision/recognition and vision-based navigation. A tremendous amount of information to absorb here - digital video is my specialty - and I look forward to learning from your explorations and documentation.

    I do hope you will find yourself visiting us regularly!

    In response to questions about "ease of integration" - this is a research project, and its intent is to advance a field and body of knowledge. IMHO: If that's the first question that comes to mind, this probably isn't the best place to start.
    I Void Warranties�

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    Re: Autonomous robot's navigation

    Quote Originally Posted by ROBOTMAN View Post
    Wow this works great so far! How easy would it be to interface it with python?
    I don't plan a development of the interface for python at the moment but it is possible in the future.

    But AVM v0.5 SDK with examples of using is available.

    The compilation is possible by one of compiler:
    AVM_SDK\samples\vc6.prj\AVM_prj.dsw for Microsoft Visual C++ 6.0
    AVM_SDK\samples\vc9.prj\AVM_prj.sln for Microsoft Visual Studio 2008
    Also library OpenCV_1.0 is needed for compilation.

    The algorithm "Associative video memory" is commercial project but you can use AVM SDK in your researches and in non-commercial projects.

    I will try to prepare the detailed documentation about using of AVM v0.5 SDK.

    Also I will share with you results of my future researches in robot's navigation.
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    Re: Autonomous robot's navigation

    Congrats too on spinning AVM off into a commercial project!
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    Re: Autonomous robot's navigation

    Source code of "Navigator" program and "Navigator tool kit" was prepared for Russian community (some comments in source code in Russian).

    But if you would show interest to this topic then I could adapt it to English community too.

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    Re: Autonomous robot's navigation

    [Mod Note: Thread-Jack Relocation: Nikhil Thiruvengadam's mower project moved]
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    Re: Autonomous robot's navigation

    Awesome! I can't read russian "directly", but Google is pretty useful

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    Re: Autonomous robot's navigation

    Robot navigation by gate from point "A" to "B"

    First an user must set the visual beacons (gates) that will show direction where robot has to go.
    Robot will walk from gate to gate. If the robot recognize "target" then he come nearer and stop walking.

    Navigation application (installation for Windows):

    Installation also contains source code of robot control driver (InstDir\RobotController_src).
    So you can adapt it to your robots and repeat my navigation experiments by yourself.

    Also available source code of navigation application (but all comments in Russian):

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