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Thread: Autonomous robot's navigation

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    Re: Autonomous robot's navigation

    Thanks again for posting some great stuff!!!!

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    Re: Autonomous robot's navigation

    Navigator package description

    The package consists of three parts: the robot control driver, the pattern recognition application (GUI), and a dynamic link library "Navigator".
    Compilation of pattern recognition application will need wxWidgets-2.8.x and OpenCV_1.0. If someone has no desire to deal with the GUI, then the project already has compiled recognizer (as EXE) and you will be enough to compile Navigator.dll, which contains the navigation algorithm. Compilation of Navigator.dll needed only library OpenCV_1.0. You can build project by compiler Microsoft Visual C ++ 6.0 (folder vc6.prj) and by compiler Microsoft Visual Studio 2008 (folder vc9.prj).

    After installation (and compilation) libraries wxWidgets-2.8.x and OpenCV_1.0 need to specify additional folders for the compiler:

    Options / Directories / Include files:
    <Install_Dir> \ OPENCV \ CV \ INCLUDE
    <Install_Dir> \ OPENCV \ CVAUX \ INCLUDE
    <Install_Dir> \ OPENCV \ CXCORE \ INCLUDE
    <Install_Dir> \ OPENCV \ OTHERLIBS \ HIGHGUI
    <Install_Dir> \ WXWIDGETS-2.8.10 \ LIB
    <Install_Dir> \ WXWIDGETS-2.8.10 \ LIB \ VC_LIB \ MSW
    <Install_Dir> \ WXWIDGETS-2.8.10 \ LIB \ VC_LIB \ MSWD
    <Install_Dir> \ WXWIDGETS-2.8.10 \ INCLUDE
    <Install_Dir> \ WXWIDGETS-2.8.10 \ INCLUDE \ MSVC

    Options / Directories / Library files:
    <Install_Dir> \ OPENCV \ LIB
    <Install_Dir> \ WXWIDGETS-2.8.10 \ LIB
    <Install_Dir> \ WXWIDGETS-2.8.10 \ LIB \ VC_LIB

    Source code of the "Navigator" (for English community) can be downloaded here:

    For compilation of the source code you can use the "MS Visual C ++ 2008 Express Edition". It is all official and free.

    For connection of robot to Navigator program you have to adapt the control driver (.\src\RobotController) to your robot.

    It's simple: the application Recognition.exe interacts with the robot driver "through shared memory (gpKeyArray). And all you need to do - it is a timer (method CMainWnd:: OnTimer) to send commands from the "gpKeyArray" to your robot.

    The chain of start commands will be transmitted to robot for "power on" (cmFIRE, cmPOWER) when you start navigation mode. Respectively command "power off" (cmPOWER) will be transmitted when navigation mode will be disabled.

    And most importantly: the commands cmLEFT and cmRIGHT should not activate motion in itself but only in combination with the commands "forward", "back" (cmFORWARD, cmBACKWARDS).

    If you have adapted control driver to your robot then you are ready join to navigation experiments. Browse: Supercheap Catalogue and Aldi Catalogue on Catalogue AU.

    So, let's have a fun together

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    Re: Autonomous robot's navigation

    wow! +Rep for Massive Code Share! As soon as I'm moved, I'll definitely have to look at your work. Thanks for sharing!
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  4. Re: Autonomous robot's navigation

    This looks very interesting, EDV. My thesis was on autonomous navigation - specifically on perception and landmark sensing, so I'll have to give this a try out.

    Are the lib dependancies open source libraries? It would be very cool to get this to run on an embedded system so that the robot wouldn't need to be tethered. - for robot builders and enthusiasts

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    Re: Autonomous robot's navigation

    given the load such video processing generates, a 1.8Ghz tiny little Windbook would be the ideal "embedded system" - and this would do fine.
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    Re: Autonomous robot's navigation

    >> Are the lib dependencies open source libraries?

    In "Autonomous robot's navigation" project AVM algorithm is a closed technology (presented as library "rcg.lib") but other part (that is involved in navigation) is open source.

    What is AVM v0.5?
    - It is obtainable, accurate and fast pattern recognition algorithm already today.

    What AVM algorithm will able give for us? How it can be useful for us?
    - You can use AVM algorithm in your researches for development of efficient navigation solution for robotics (as recognizer). You can test your hypothesis concerning robot navigation based on landmark beacons with AVM. And if successful navigation solution will be achieved then you will have two ways:

    1. You can develop your own pattern recognition algorithm and then replace AVM algorithm in your finished project.
    2. Or you can use commercial version of AVM algorithm in your finished project.

    Anyway now you can use AVM v0.5 SDK for free in your robotics hobby.

    >> It would be very cool to get this to run on an embedded system so that the robot wouldn't need to be tethered.

    You can compile "Navigator" program by "Microsoft Visual C ++ 6.0" for example on "Windows 98" and then install it on "Roboard RB 100".
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    Re: Autonomous robot's navigation

    New Year's weekend has not gone in vain and I want to share my experiment results with you:

    So, what we see in video
    First the robot was set at checkpoint p[1] and then robot has received command: "walking to the point p[0]".
    The robot has started looking around and when he has seen gates which correspond to the route [0] then began move to checkpoint p[0] by gates.
    In checkpoint p[0] robot has stopped. Then the robot was instructed to follow to checkpoint p[1] and robot again has started looking around
    and found the appropriate route gates and has come to checkpoint p[1].

    I plan to update "Navigator" package soon by new navigation algorithm.

  8. Re: Autonomous robot's navigation

    thats awesome man

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    Re: Autonomous robot's navigation

    Navigation algorithm update and yet another video:

    In the new version of navigation algorithm the gate data contains weights for the seven routes that indicate importance of this gateway for each route. At the bottom of the screen was added indicator "horizon" which shows direction for adjust the robot's motion for further movement on the route. Field of gates is painted blue if the gates do not participate in this route (weight rate 0), and warmer colors (ending in yellow) show a gradation of "importance" of the gate in the current route.

    The procedure of training on route
    For training of the route you have to indicate actual route (button “Walking by way”) in "Nova gate" mode and then you must drive the robot manually by route (the gates will be installed automatically). In the end of the route you must click on the button "Set checkpoint" and then robot will turn several times on one spot and mark his current location as a checkpoint.

    So, I updated "Navigator" package:
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    Re: Autonomous robot's navigation

    I have remade AVM v0.5 SDK and now algorithm AVM presented as DLL library.

    AVM v0.5 SDK package was updated:

    Implementation of AVM algorithm as DLL:

    Program interface:

    Also I updated "Navigator" package:

    Implementation of AVM algorithm as DLL:

    Program interface:

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