3DOF Alum Robot Quadruped custom kit
(No Servos) (Brushed)

Description -
This 3DOF (degree of freedom) per leg quadruped robot is a simple yet sturdy design, perfect for robot builders in all stages. It even incorporates ball bearings in each joint. Made from the highest quality aluminum alloy components.
All required hardware is included and pre-assembled!

Just add your servos (standard size) and your electronics into the assembly and away it goes.

Here shows price per leg pair as of this date:
69.65 USD
42.57 GBP
information fed from: http://www.lynxmotion.com/Category.aspx?CategoryID=95

Also not priced for in this auction 'but you will get all the same' is the custom chassis design.
Simple ses quadruped kit or spares.

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