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    are shields allowed in mech warfare? not physical, like compressed air?
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    Re: Shields

    That's one for the rules folks,but I would say no they wouldn't be.

    Kind of hard to implement too I would think.

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    Re: Shields

    The other person has to be able to hit your target.

    Sec. V.3: keep in mind the spirit of the game. If you are firing on an opponent, they should be capable of hitting your scoring plates.

    Sec. I:
    Do not try to 'gimmick' yourself to a win.

    I think what you really want to do at this point is to read the rules I linked in one of your other threads, then reread the rules, then read them again, then build a mech, get it to walk, get it to be controlled remotely, get it firing, and make it all run for at least a match or two on contained battery power, then read the rules again.
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    Re: Shields

    Quite frankly, if you concentrate on making a mech that works, as in walks (quickly), shoots (well, and has lots of ammo), and is easy to pilot, you'll find that "staying inside the rules" is no problem. The rules have two purposes: explain the scoring and match structure, and to keep the field of play fair -- such that the mech with the best combination of mobility, reliability, and usable firepower shall win.


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