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Thread: something wrong with bioloid

  1. something wrong with bioloid

    hello guys, i am new guy to robots, but i build humanoid and well, i tried to make it walking, one humanoid is perfect, and walks well i think perfectly, other one, well, don't know where is the problem but i can't make it properly to walk, now i am trying to set joints..

    anyway i think there could be other problems with that one.
    because dynamixel ax-12+ ID:13. every two times i start robot it actually can be moved when it should hold robot in position.
    you know what i mean?
    i don't know why, you even don't need pressure, by it self he falls. and another every two times it is okey, it works. Why do i think it's ID 13? because it starts from it, and goes to every next dynamixel -12+ where it is connected with cables(it is to two next to him in legs, the same like in book shows)

    moreover, it likes to stuck, don't know why, it walks walks and stops. then after few seconds continue walking and then again stops and so on... what's wrong? when i do check assembling and so on, everything seems okey, i tried restoring cm-5 didn't work, what is wrong? what can i do?

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    Re: something wrong with bioloid

    Sounds like a bad wire. I'd replace the wire going to that ax-12+.

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    Re: something wrong with bioloid

    Like Bullit said replace the wire and see if that helps. Is the LED on ID 13 On or blinking? If so, that indicates an alarm condition like overheating.

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    Re: something wrong with bioloid

    Sometimes the LED flashes on a dynamixel due to communication errors such as those brought on by intermittent contact in a wire.

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    Re: something wrong with bioloid

    Absolutely if bit 6 is high in the the error byte, you have an instruction error.

  6. Re: something wrong with bioloid

    as i remember it is not blinking, i will try to replace wire on monday, and will report how it happened, thanks guys =)

  7. Re: something wrong with bioloid

    hey again, well i tried to replace wire, then put the old one again(just for testing), seems like dynamixel won't act strange anymore, but it sometimes stucks anyway.. when it happens it just freezes, i can hear a loud noise from cm5, like brains would be on full power, what could it be?? what should i try next? all dynamixel ID it finds properly.. as i checked all wires is connected properly.
    no led is on, everything like it shoud be, just it stucks sometimes, is it ussual ??
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    Re: something wrong with bioloid

    It sounds like a bad wire somewhere in the network.

    The application loaded in the CM-5 needs to handle unexpected exceptions like a timeout. There can be a situation where the CM-5 sends a command then waits for a response.

    "Hey, network are you guys done moving?"

    If the network does not responds in an acceptable time frame, the CM-5 needs to report a timeout and move on. What you see as a freeze might be the CM-5 handling a timeout.

    Read the AX-12 manual and use the diagnostic tools provided by Robotis like Robot Terminal to figure out the problem.
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  9. Question Re: something wrong with bioloid

    hello, sorry i didn't reply so long, and thanks for your replies!

    I tried everything what you suggested,but i can't rid off this problem.

    Sorry that i didn't gave you full information at the beggining, I just forgot it occured and that i have pics of that, so i want to update this problem.

    I think it started to freeze after this => I downloaded Humanoid demo example to robot. pressed play(I don't remember did I really pushed play), Then i unplugged wire, and after it i got this error(only once):

    Could this be my problem? What does it mean and how could i fix it, It don't show me such errors now, it shows that everything is okey, and when i try to test if all servers is working, it shows that working.

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    Re: something wrong with bioloid

    A guy walk into a doctor's office and says "Doc, it hurts when I unplug my serial cable". The doctor replies, "I have a cure son". "Don't unplug the serial cable."

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