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  1. Delta Robot

    This is my first post

    I've been making a delta robot and the final idea is to communicate the robot with my laptop using ubuntu and the control program is written in C# using MonoDevelop.

    all the communication and the pwm for the servos (3x Futaba S3003) is made with a pic18f2550.

    when everything is finish, I'll posting more info

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    Re: Delta Robot


    That looks really neat! I heard about those kinds of robots.

    Can you tell me what you used for those bearing on the joints to connect the bottom triangle to the rods?

    Can't wait to see a video of it in action


  3. Re: Delta Robot

    Hi, thanks for the comments , I'll post a video as soon as i get the inverse kinematics working properly.

    I used ball joints, you can buy it from here:

    Greeting From Colombia!

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    Re: Delta Robot

    Beautiful simple implementation. I love the way you used model aeroplane ball joints, commercial delta units are so expensive and you've done such a good job building one with the most basic of materials, well done!

    I'm a bit worried about the servo's being a bit under-powered though. And it will probably oscillate pretty severely, have you thought about adding mechanical damping or are you going to damp it in software?

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    Re: Delta Robot

    I think you are the only person in the world with a c# version of this. Would you mind sharing?

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    Re: Delta Robot

    Do the "ball joints" that you linked to provide the same functionality as these "ball and roller" joints? or is there different angular restrictions between these two different types of joints?

    I'm thinking of building a balancing robot that shifts it's weight with this mechanism. We'll see how well it works =P


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    Good work mate. Keep developing more.

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    Re: Delta Robot


    Can you please share the code of your running delta robot?

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