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Thread: IK Video of a Planar 2R AX-12 Arm

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    IK Video of a Planar 2R AX-12 Arm

    I have wanted to get my inverse kinematics on for some time. So, I went ahead and built a simple 2R IK engine in C#. I know managed code…but I like .NET. Anyway, here’s the video.

    My PC is sending raw instruction packets to a Parallax Propeller or you can substitute an USB2Dynamixel. The Prop forwards the commands over to the AX-12 network.

    The C# project contains several classes. The main classes are DenavitHartenberg and Planar2R. As the name suggests I’m using DH parameters. The IK number crunching executes through a service. The service takes a DH table, start point, end point, and an accuracy parameter. The service sends back a solution set which is parsed and filtered by the client, converted to the old Dynamixel SyncWrite command, and sent on through the virtual serial port.

    The lines are a little shaky but it works better than I thought it would. By the way, I’m using a cheapo Papermate 0.7m mechanical pencil. It fits nice and snug (with a little force) in the AX-12 bracket.

    Eventually, I'll have the source on
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