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Thread: Bioloid Premium Kit Users

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    Bioloid Premium Kit Users

    I am looking for other users of the Premium Kit. I have been trying to get the communications to the CM-510 going for quite a while without success.

    I was able to do it on my first try and had a great deal of fun. But from then on been totally frustrated as it will not work anymore.

    I am using Windows 7 and the USB2Dynamixel interface.

    I have the switch to RS232, I have installed and uninstalled the drivers countless times. Tried it on three computers all using Windows 7. I am in the process of trying to get hold of an old XP Pro computer as a number of people indicated that they have only used XP Pro.

    I am frustrated and would really like to get this thing working. I spent two days building the Type A Robot making sure I did not make any mistakes and checking every step. Any suggestions or advice would be great.
    Marc Dimmick
    "If you want to predict the future, Create it" - P Drucker

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    I just got the communications working tonight on a 64-bit Vista Home SP2. You already got past my first issue which had me turning to the manual -- setting the switch to RS232.

    I assume that the CM-510 is powered and on, and that the serial cable is connected to both the USB2Dynamixel and the CM-510.

    When you plug in the USB2Dynamixel, is the red LED on? If not, perhaps the unit or the USB port is bad.

    When you plug in the USB2Dynamixel, is it registering as a COM port? To check (in Vista, at least), start Device Manager ({Windows + Break} and select 'Device Manager' from the Task Bar on the left side). Select Ports and it should display 'USB Serial Port' and the COM port number.

    That's about as far as I can go with this. I've just started playing with robots, so I'm quite the newb. However, since you built the Type A, you don't need to connect to the computer. The CM-510 comes preloaded with sample programs for the Type A. Page 6 in the Quick Start Guide will get you going.

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    Re: Bioloid Premium Kit Users

    Thanks for your reply,

    Yes I have the CM-510 powered and all items connected and switched to rs232

    With regard to the program already being on the device that got scrubbed the first time I connected to it and had it all working.

    Since then it has stopped.

    I plug in the USB2Dynamixel and it registers and I can see the port assigned to it and have change the port multiple times. When I open the applications the port number appears in the dropdown list.

    when I try to connect the USB2Dynamixel flashes and the flashing red play light stops flashing and the next row toplight comes on green. Then I get the error message that it cannot find the controller.

    I am getting a laptop this weekend which has a serial port and windows 95. I will try that then install xp and try that as some have indicated that windows 7 may be the issue.

    After that I not sure.
    Marc Dimmick
    "If you want to predict the future, Create it" - P Drucker

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