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Thread: Axon Based Hexapod Control (with a SSC-32 helper)

  1. Axon Based Hexapod Control (with a SSC-32 helper)

    Well its been a while but I finally have the remote control software for the Axon based hexapod that I promised back in October! This first version only has two modes of walking: bouncing and not bouncing, but I hope to add other gait types in the future (ripple gait perhaps?) Mostly, I would love to add wireless controller support but have been having difficulty getting the Axon talking to non-wired PS2 controllers.

    [ame=""]YouTube- Axon Control Software.MPG[/ame]

    Here are a couple of links at which the axon project can be downloaded from:

  2. Re: Axon Based Hexapod Control (with a SSC-32 helper)

    Very helpful thanks. But this really should be posted under software and programming I think.

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