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Thread: Cheap Lipo battery Source

  1. Cheap Lipo battery Source

    Here is a website that offers lipo batteries at a cheap price:
    Results were inconclusive, the darn thing blew up!

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    Re: Cheap Lipo battery Source

    In my RC heli days I often ordered from .

    Last night I ran across this and thought it was interesting..

  3. Re: Cheap Lipo battery Source

    Lipos can be had a cellular stores if you ask nicely.

    Hard shell Lithiums can be had for FREE at your recycle center (e.g. Home Depot, Lowes, etc.)
    Most lithium (and nicad) drill power packs usually have only one or two bad cells, so the rest are usually OK. The trick is cracking the plastic case, which takes some practice.

  4. Re: Cheap Lipo battery Source (also know as is the best general purpose all around place for batteries, brushless motors/controllers and such. You can do cheaper on ebay but it's hit and miss.

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