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Thread: Digital servo replacement

  1. Digital servo replacement

    Hello all,

    Sorry for the basic question, but can I replace my analog HS-805BB with a digital HS-7955TG.
    I'm using the Phidgets Advanced 8 motor servo card.

    Any side effects? Is the connector the same? (cant find any pictures...anywhere)



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    Re: Digital servo replacement

    Yes. And No.

    The 805bb is a quarter scale servo. Any brackets holding it, any spacing between them, etc. wouldn't fit.

    The HS-5745 is the digital replacement for the 805BB.

    Other than that, yes, the connector is the same configuration, the range and resolution might be a little different necessitating a software change, but it's electrically compatible.
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  3. Re: Digital servo replacement

    Hey great news...thanks!

    No problem on the mounting, I can re-do that.

    Thanks again,


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