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Thread: Looking for advice on sensor output processing

  1. Looking for advice on sensor output processing

    I've been working with a pressure sensor that has a differential output.

    It has Vin (9v) Gnd, + out and - out. The range of the sensor output appears to be from 0-0.5v when reading from the (+) and (-) outputs.

    Either of these outputs are actually offset by Vin/2 so the output from (-) is 4.5v and the output from (+) varies from 4.5v to 5v.

    I'm looking to shift the output so that it runs from 0 to 0.5v in relation to true ground. I only have 0-9v to play with. In theory I should be able to shift the output signal from + down to Gnd using a simple OpAmp setup - but the only way I've done this in the past is with a differential supply.
    I thought about splitting the supply with a floating ground, but is there an easy way to do it using the same 0-9v supply I'm using for everything else?


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    Re: Looking for advice on sensor output processing

    I think you're asking how to drop 4.5V. You could use a POT or a resistor.

    What's the name or model of the sensor? What's does your circuit look like... do you have a schematic handy?

    Edit: You might want to look into a AC small signal common emitter amplifier.
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  3. Re: Looking for advice on sensor output processing

    Thanks for the reply.

    A quick trip to Wikipedia solved it.

    I wanted a single op-amp (LM324 in my case) configured as a differential amplifier.

    That did the trick. Now I get a nice clean 0-5v signal (I scaled it by 10) from the output.


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