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Thread: Quietest drive system.

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    Quietest drive system.

    Hello all - What kind of drive system is the quietest? Not RF noise quiet, but actual 'sound' quiet. I have built a couple bots from modified servos and one with dc motors and tracks. But they have all been noisey when moving. So, what's your thoughts?

    What would make the quietest drive system?


  2. Re: Quietest drive system.

    Precision motors don't make too much noise when running. What you need is low RPM motors that are geared down to suit your needs. I was searching for the same thing, but I also wanted a cheap solution, didn't want to pay lots of bucks for a Maxon or some other high end motors. I ended up using a pair of surplus Faulhaber geared motors with built in encoders for about $10 each from The Electronic Goldmine.

    You can take a look at my robot here.

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