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Thread: UK robotics meet

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    UK robotics meet


    Hope no one minds me posting this here.

    There is a Maker Faire being held in the UK this year, 13th/14th March, if there are any UK members interested in helping with our booth, or just coming along to say hello and have a go with one, let us know.

    I will be bringing a humanoid and an LM rover to play with.


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  2. Re: UK robotics meet

    Just posted a UK maker faire thread.. I will be there with iC and a bunch of other Hexapods, see you there,

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    Re: UK robotics meet

    Can't wait

    7000 people passed through the doors last year, so it shouldn't be like Leicester !!!

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    Re: UK robotics meet

    Nice. I hope Ontario has this type of events too!
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    Re: UK robotics meet

    Getting everything together for the weekend, been working out a bit of a show between the rover and the Manoi. Should be quite entertaining.

    We will be in the main Centre for life, not sure of the exact location until registration on the day.

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