Named after our infamous 'intern' Jennero! Muahahahaha (He's gonna kill me)

This BRAT-Mech was ridiculously easy to build, even with a custom pan/tilt setup on it. Currently tweaking some of the code, but I had it built and walking around in about 4 hours or so. Gonna stick with a 2.4ghz PS2 controller and hope for the best, will be a good test of how well it fares in the Robogames environment (since this is an extra one anyway).

Firing tests work just fine, wifi camera is a crappy airlink one I had extra, but might as well put it to use. Had it walking around for 10+ minutes using a 6v 2300mAh pack without issue, still a decent charge left in the batteries. Once I finish up the code and finish soldering the gun connections, it's 100% operational.

Basically, it's a weekend project that gets you a combat-ready mech at a low price, not a bad option at all.