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Thread: Dynamixel AX12 with phidgets

  1. Dynamixel AX12 with phidgets

    Is the AX12 servo compatible with phidgets servo controllers?

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    Re: Dynamixel AX12 with phidgets

    Nope, those can only control standard hobby servos. The ax-12s call for a half duplex UART, which isn't provided on any phidgets device.

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    Re: Dynamixel AX12 with phidgets

    If you are using phidgets, you might have USB ports anyway and use the Dynamixel to USB converter in addition to your phidgets.

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    Re: Dynamixel AX12 with phidgets

    Xevel's USB2AX is also an option. If you are only using AX or MX servos it is in my opinion a better choice than the USB2Dynamixel.

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    Re: Dynamixel AX12 with phidgets

    Yeah, the USB2Ax is not only slightly cheaper, but it also has proper protection of the input/output serial bus; overvolting and spikes won't render it permanently useless like the USB2Dynamixel.

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