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Thread: Firgelli L12 back drive

  1. Firgelli L12 back drive


    This may seem like a strange question, but does anyone If you can push AND pull
    an unpowered L12 (100-100 or 100-210) actuator by hand???

    Im trying to replace a HS 805 BB ...and it needs to be as strong as the 805BB but
    be able to manually moved...

    Not building a robot



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    zoomkat Guest

    Re: Firgelli L12 back drive

    You can push and pull on a linear actuator, but it will probably not move. Due to the screw type drive it can only be moved via the motor, which us usually a good thing (no power required to hold position).

  3. Re: Firgelli L12 back drive

    Thanks mate,

    The specs say there is a back drive force, just hoping someone
    had played with one...


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