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    I am making an autonomous robot using the ATMega 16 microcontroller. I have a development board and I have made a programmer (Circuit required to program the microcontroller). Thing is that the circuit that I have made uses a Parallel port. I have a converter which connects the parallel port to the USB port on my laptop (Which does not have a parallel port). However, I cannot seem to find the required drivers that allow me to set the port of the parallel port as LPT(1-3) so I cannot write on the microcontroller. I don't have the time to report it into a USB programmer nor the resources right now.
    Does anyone know where I can get such a driver that will work on Windows XP or Windows 7 such that it gives me LPT1-3 so that I can use a burning software. Or is there any software which will allow me to use the usb2lpt as it is. Right now, on devmgmt.msc, it shows up at "USB Printing Support". I have tried a couple of drivers already but none of them worked.

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    Re: USB2LTP Converter

    I've never seen a USB to parallel port printer adapter that could be bit banged for programming. Your best bet would be to get a parallel port card for the computer or a programmer that operates directly via the serial or USB port.

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    Hi aceroom. My experience is: there is no such a thing can do USB to parallel for your application.
    Like zoomkat have said, get a card to do it. for Laptop, get a PCMCIA card to to do it.
    Don't go by "USB to Parallel" on ebay search, it doens't work for you.
    Good luck.
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