Hello Everyone!

This is a project I have been working on for some time now it is a custom Rf Remote i have built as to control my robots.
Bill of Materials:
3.5” Computer Fan
Radioshack project case
9v Battery snap
9v Battery
4 X AA batteries
Sumobot PCB
Board of education
Basic stamp Sx
3 X Push-on Push-off switches
3 X 1/8 in audio port
Hookup wire
Spst Toggle switch

Project Description:
My robot project is a remote controller and receiver, in the form of a mobile robot, that are interactive. Both have easily accessible IO ports in which to add additional sensors and switches with no rewiring and little code modification. I created this robot because of a personal desire to create a butler robot that can be both entertaining yet useful and expandable.
The robots motion is controlled using an accelerometer on the transmitter, when you tilt the remote forward the robot moves forward. The robots other features include an integrated mini-fridge, led headlights, and integrated mini-projector. All but the mini-fridge can be activated from the controller. The interactivity of the controller allows the transmitter to also become the receiver allowing the robot to send data to the controller activating led’s, displays, and other periferrals that can be plugged in via the IO ports.
(Just F.y.i the Robot part of the project has been cancelled due to money issues.)
I apoloize if the images came out bad, My lowly point and shoot only goes so far.