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Thread: build my own basic atom pro 28 carrier board

  1. Re: build my own basic atom pro 28 carrier board

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    first of all.. sorry for my broken English.. i had build a carrier for BAP28... everything goes fine... i mean the hexapod can be controlled and can walk as usual... but there is one weird problem happening... which is as following detail

    1} buzzer keep beeping(non stop)... actually is continuous sound(same frequency after first beeping)...
    2} the beeping sound is different than the one where the PS2 controller is not connected to the Atom properly
    3} the sound also got a little bit different from the one when we apply power
    4} during the continuous beeping sound.. when i press other button such as start button... it will still appear original start button's beeping sound pattern as usual (mix with the continuous beeping)
    5} but the buzzer goes normal(pin9 LOW) and fine after i reset it or press square button(ps2) for the (1st press and 2nd press after start button)
    6} every time apply power... it will keep beeping(pin9 HIGH) until i press reset or square button (1st press and 2nd press after start button)
    7} but the beeping comes again(pin9 HIGH) if i press square button(3rd press and 4th press)... and will goes normal(pin9 LOW at 5th press and 6th press)...
    8} the reset button can be press at anytime and works fine(pin9 LOW) anytime i press it
    9} conclusion is for square button (1st and 2nd press- Pin9 LOW... 3rd and 4th press- Pin9 HIGH... 5th and 6th press- Pin9 LOW and so on)

    but the hexapod can be controlled as usual... please help...

    what happen actually??? why i need to press reset or square button(1st,2nd,5th,6thpress)??? please help.. thanks
    i had edit my post cos got some changes...
    im using the code form link (
    for the code.. if im not mistaken.. it will LOW on pin9 if i press nothing right?? and will HIGH only for few second if certain button is pressed... but why mine keep HIGH on pin 9 while im using the same coding?? and work properly if i attach to the BAP28 to the bot-board II

  2. Re: build my own basic atom pro 28 carrier board

    finally problem solved... its hardware problem...
    thanks for u all guys
    i should cal u all guru... haha
    thanks again
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    Re: build my own basic atom pro 28 carrier board

    What was the problem?

    Ill take a guess here but maybe the buzzer was made to be constantly on?

  4. Re: build my own basic atom pro 28 carrier board

    my buzzer will keep beeping once voltage is supplied to it....
    suppose i should just use transducer which needs PWM supplied to it to make it go beeping... so now i already change my buzzer to transducer... and it works fine now... that's the problem... thanks

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