I am using the serializer 3.0 controller along with the Traxster kit.

when i try "digo 1:2500:25 2:2500:28" what happens is both motors run for a short while, but then after that little while, only the left motor spins at what seems like a very high speed until i issue the stop command.

If i try "digo 1:5000:50 2:5000:50" both motor moves..but then after a while some strange behaviors occur. For example, often , after both motors move forward in sync for a few seconds, the motors will jerk with the right one reversing, then the left one will spin at high speed indefinitely until i issue the 'stop' command

The same issue occurrs when i try to run some of the sample programs. The Traxster moves a specified distance, but then jerks and only one motor starts spinning very fast indefinitely or until i issue a stop command.

Any thoughts on what may be causing this?