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Thread: RX-28 and RX-64 Open-Source (Python) Libraries Available

  1. RX-28 and RX-64 Open-Source (Python) Libraries Available

    Having read extensively through the forums, I suppose I'll share...

    I recently invested a decent amount of time overhauling my lab's open-source software for controlling Robotis RX-28 and RX-64 servos from a PC. The code is written entirely in Python and is thread-safe, so that multiple servo objects can be controlled / queried "simultaneously" on the same USB2Dynamixel bus (within the same process). The library should function on Linux, Mac, and Windows (yay, python!), and the only dependency is PySerial for communications. ROS (Robot Operating System) support has also been created.

    You can find the library and details, here []

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    Re: RX-28 and RX-64 Open-Source (Python) Libraries Available

    Very sweet! I don't have any of those servos but +rep for sharing. Nice work!
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