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Thread: New Bioloid Premium Problems

  1. New Bioloid Premium Problems


    I just purchased the Robotis Premium kit and built my first humanoid - type A according to the instructions. I have the following problems:

    1) There were default motion and task files on the CM510 controller, including a demo mode where the robot was doing one hand pushups amongst other moves. At one point I erased these files. I downloaded the default files from the Robotis site but these are not the same files. The later demo waits 10 seconds between moves to see if I clap my hands and cycle through a very limited number of moves (none of them the one handed pushups). Does anyone know where I can get the default shipping files (as of april 2010)?

    2) My robot can't walk straight, it always deviate in a direction

    3) It always falls down doing some of the soccer moves in remote control mode

    4) It can't get up while lying on its back.

    5) I saw hints about adjusting a global motion offset to adjust for small mechanical differences and I saw the proper location to adjust that in the RoboPlus Motion software but what is the procedure to properly find the adjustment values?

    6) I haven't figured a way to see if the gyro is making a difference or not.

    Beside the above, this is an amazing kit and everything else seems to be working properly.


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    Dear Sylvain,

    1) I think I still have the original files. If you could give me your mail I will send them to you.
    2) Maybe this is because you are using different motion files
    You can try the following:
    - check step by step if the motions of the left site are mirrored for the right side. That means is the right or left leg doing the same motions as the left or right leg. Sometimes also if the weight is not centered this might cause the problem
    3) try to start quite slow with the motions and than start getting fast. also take a look at the arms. sometimes a deegree with the arm in the right direction might help the robot to stand stable.
    4) Getting up from the back is difficult task. I recommend to take a look at some YouTube Videos from robots which are getting up from their back. Their are hundreds of possibilities
    5) If guess try and error
    6) Gyro can make a difference but I recommend to get the robot without the gyro stable.

    I hope I was able to answer some of your questions. feel free to ask more

  3. Re: New Bioloid Premium Problems

    Hello Loco27,

    1) Thank you very much.
    2) Looking more at it it appears to be a either a mechanical problem (requiring the adjustment of the global motion offset) or the fact that my floors are not totally level.
    3) Will do that. Since this was one of the move included in the motion file and demo mode from the Robotis web site, I expect it to work out of the box. It is probably a matter of a very small adjustment.
    4) I was using the getting up from the back movement from the file, while in remote control mode, I was wondering if the movement (getting up from the back) provided by Robotis works for anybody without fine tuning.
    5) Will do! ;-)
    6) Good idea.

    Thanks a lot!


  4. Re: New Bioloid Premium Problems

    Here is a tip to see if the gyro is working as the code checks to see if the gyro is hooked up the right way.

    Before the last } on the last line of code add a line and insert;

    If gyrouse = true
    auxled = 1

    The aux led will come on if the gyro is working

    As for the offset, type A was fine for me, type C needed some adjustment. So it all depends


  5. Re: New Bioloid Premium Problems

    The default files for premium type A,B & C can be found here:

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