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Thread: Mech Warfare 2010 Shout-Outs

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    Mech Warfare 2010 Shout-Outs

    I just wanted to take a minute to throw a few thanks out there to all that showed up and made this competition happen.

    Fergs- your presence is always appreciated. Bummed you had video problems and had to drop out, but having you around answering questions, modifying scoring code last minute, and handling our ladder layout was invaluably helpful. You're my right hand man in this, so thanks much for taking the time out of your very busy schedule to make it out there and help out. Big thanks to your dad as well!

    Billy- Your wifi setup was very likely the saving grace of our competition this year. We had massive amounts of RF interference (more so than last year) so having a high powered dedicated dual AP for the competition was much needed. Those who got setup with him before Saturday had for the most part, a very trouble free experience with their video. Big thanks here!

    Che- You're always awesome and helpful at these events. Thanks for manning the 'booth' and handling the 'Crowd Fav' voting setup. Maya was also most awesome and helping out the entire time! Again- Giger is sorry for shooting her ;O

    Gary- You rock. You were there supplying tools and random parts to people all weekend long. You should setup your own robot shop and make bank next time :P Here's to hoping Bheka doesn't catch fire again next year... LOL

    Ryan- You were reffing for us and providing great constructive feedback all weekend long. Also: I've been looking through our footage of the event and you are one hell of a pilot man, it's awesome to see your mech move so strategically.

    Seth & Crew- Thanks for helping out in getting the arena tent built! We had like 2 people doing it last year and it was a nightmare.

    Fon Davis, Pierre, Todd, & Mitch- The Fonco Creative/ILM Alumni crew was absolutely fantastic. These guys showed up on Wednesday and worked all day long for nearly 3 days to get the arena built. And it looked FANTASTIC! Honestly could not have asked for more with this, every little detail was perfect and it held up all weekend long. Please take time to shoot them an email and thank them if you didn't get a chance to!

    I'm sure I've missed some people that were helpful and/or otherwise awesome. Don't feel bad if I didn't name you here; I realize a lot of people were struggling to get their bots working and came to compete! I just wanted to take the time to mention the people that stood out and made my life easier.

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    Re: Mech Warfare 2010 Shout-Outs

    You forgot to thank yourself for providing us with a cool event.

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    Re: Mech Warfare 2010 Shout-Outs

    Yeah.. What he said..

    A big thanks to Tybes for putting this together so we have a cool place to play.

    And Fergs... and Connor....and Che... and ...and..

    Team Maggot---Mechs. "Bheka" (retired), "Maggot Mk.3(A)"
    " Keep your stick on the ice ".... Red Green

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    Re: Mech Warfare 2010 Shout-Outs

    Thanks Tybes for the overall event, it was aswsome. Giger was super neato, sorry for making (him?) wear pink. I am very afraid of the gaits you will come up with for next year, particualy pistol whips and elbow drops.

    Fergs, thanks for the scoring system, it triumphed under extreme microwave adversity!

    Thanks Gary for lending Miss Alignment some vital bits and being very helpfull, Bheka was killer.

    Thanks Billy for the wifi setup. Odin was looking very cool with the Gatling guns.

    Thank you to all the people who put the set together it was beyond sweet, and it made Miss Alignment feel much taller.

    And thanks to everyone who built a mech or helped out, you were all chill and kind in a stressful environment.
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    I have to thank folks too and I didn't even go. It was cool to see all the excitement and planning that lead up to Mech Warefare 2010. It's been fun to hear the stories, see they pictures and watch the videos that are being posted.

    I'm a bit impress at how folks kept it fun, fair and enjoyable. That's no small feat. Way to go guys.

    I'm hoping to have something that is able to compete next year. I'm sure the composition will be even tougher.

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