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  1. Pose Editing System

    I've been enjoying my long put off robotics hobby for 2 months now and I'm quite please with it all. Like any newbie I have had far too many idea's rattling around in my head while still learning the ins and outs of it all.

    I think it's so cool to be able to capture poses that bring my creations to life. While there is so much to learn just about that aspect I'm really liking it. So much so that I have had some thoughts about an editing system that came to me after checking out the ArtboX Commander and watching JonHylanders voodoo controlled J5 that Tyberius pointed me to.

    I'm not so sure if this can be done or if it has already been done in some other way. Either way any pointers, suggestions, guidance or comments will be greatly appreciated. While I have some electronic skills they are fairly well limited to assembly and basically how components work.

    The idea for the system would consist of 3 XBee's, an ArbotiX Commander and Robocontroller along with the Pypose for the editing software. Yup 3 XBee's. Not sure they can work in this way but I'm thinking they may be able to.

    My thoughts are if I have the Xbees for the Commander and the computer configured exactly the same they could both communicate to the ArbotiX Robocontroller. Most likely just not at the same time.

    The Commander would need at least one infinite rotation potentiometer. I'm thinking 2 could be handy. The potentiometer would be assignable to any one servo and be able to tweak it's position. Then by clicking the capture button for pypose you would have just tweak your ppr file without disturbing any of the settings for the other servos. I'm guessing the joy sticks could achieve the same goal but I would like to use them for other tasks. But using the joy sticks may be a good place to start for testing this idea.

    An infinite rotation potentiometer would be needed. I think if a regular potentiometer were used the robot would pitch a fit and jump across the work bench depending upon the value the potentiometer was set at when assigned to any given servo. I'm thinking the infinite rotation potentiometer circuit could grab the position value and then just add or subtract from it when turned which would adjust the servos position.

    Here is a concept layout for the whole circuit that could be added to the Commander. While I'm thinking that it may be a bit much to add in the way of read outs I'm thinking it would be a good way to monitor any given servo if technically possible. Maybe one larger LCD could be used. I'm just not sure which would make more sense, lease expensive or is the most technically feasible.

    I'm also thinking the same could be done with motorize sliding faders instead of rotational potentiometer. When the circuit grabs the position value of the servo it could then adjust the fader to the correct position. The thoughts that lead up to the whole fader idea was that if you had a board with say 18 of them you could control each servo of a 18 DOF robot without having to keep switching servo ID's and be able to tweak up to 10 at a time. Yes a bit extreme but oh well. I will add that motorized sliding faders are a bit more expensive.

    I think when making a controll like this it would be cool to design it so you can add or subtract these control circuits to fit the needs of the robotic you were editing. I'm also thinking any more then 2 of these circuits you may want to use an ArbotiX Robocotroller instead of the Commander. Not sure if that make any sense. Again I'm guessing about much of this and the hardware capabilities.

    My immediate goal would be to get the 2 potentiometer deal working and then go from there if the idea is valid. I'm sure there will be plenty to learn with just 2. Again, any pointers, suggestions, guidance or comments will be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
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