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Thread: Arbotix Power supply

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    Re: Arbotix Power supply

    Quote Originally Posted by sarendt View Post
    I'm currently using a AC adaptor to power my Arbotix, but it only supplies 300mA :*( I have another one that can source 3A, but its at 14 Volts. When I send commands to the Arbotix, using a modified version of Darkback2's code the single AX-12+ I have connected twitches but doesn't really move, which I am guessing is due to the lack of current. It could certainly be something else but that was my first guess.

    So my question is would putting the 14 Volt, 3A supply to the Arbotix hurt it or the AX-12's? I know its over their rated voltage, thats why I am asking if anyone has tried it and been ok?

    Its really tough to get a different powersupply when your in Afghanistan...

    14V won't hurt the arbotix -- but could hurt the AX12.


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    Re: Arbotix Power supply

    Thanks Fergs!

    I will try and figure out a way around it.


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