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Thread: Hildolfr Mobile Weapon

  1. Hildolfr Mobile Weapon

    //PROJECT POSTPONED//(Scrapping for biped design, will rebuild Hildolfr in the future)
    //Front Legs: 100%
    //Body: 25% Working on Turret
    //Rear Legs: 100%
    //Armaments: 0%
    //Program: 11% Halted for construction

    Ok so this is me posting to motivate myself...(oh yes and I'm new so...hello!)
    My project is a "Gundam Igloo" inspired mobile artillery, called the Hildolfr.
    Norse for son of Odin, "war wolf".
    Note:[I will be updating pics on 1st post and videos in new posts]

    List of things I've bought:
    8 Tower Pro SG90 servos 4 for $10 (think I'll be needing more)
    4 Tower Pro MG955 servos 4 for $30 (not as bad as everyone says they are)
    4 Tamiya universal gearboxes w/motor $8 ea. (Need 2 more of that too)
    2 40 pin PIC16F887 microcontrollers $4 ea.
    4 Tamiya track and wheel sets $8 ea. (I think I created a fetish for tank tracks)
    40 transistors $4 (making H-Bridges for reversing polarity on the motors)
    Dremel $20 (Most awesome thing ever)
    Brazer Torch $16 (this is fun)
    Programmer (pickit2 clone): $18
    Battery: NiMh 7.2v 3800mAH $20
    Battery Charger $21
    4 Hyper Dash 2 Motors $5 ea.
    Accelerometer/Tilt Sensor $4

    Reason I've a lack of supplies is the original project was intended to be a Siegetank (4 tracks) from Starcraft.
    With the direction changed to the Hildolfr (6 tracks), I need a restock.
    Ok so I am going back to the idea of 4 tracks for an armored core style mech. (yea I have commitment issues)

    Things I'm buying this month:
    More plastics (I ran out of laundry hamper lids...)

    I have been and will be programing via C++ on the PIC microcontrollers.
    Let me tell you, learning how to make the servos move is a #!(*@^*(&%!(>' ')>!

    So...I'm an electrical engineering student...enough said.
    Any good pointers on.....mechanical stuff...would be cool

    My Hildolfr will have two modes:
    A. Tank mode
    • Turret travse restricted to some degree
    • Fastest movement on approximatively level terrain
    • Lowest profle (good for hiding/deflection)
    B. Mobile Weapon mode
    • Turret restrictions released
    • Tank track sections spread out for use as legs (this is gonna be fun to program)
    • Safest movement on insanely rough terrain
    • Higher Profile (better undercarriage clearance and good for shooting over hills!)

    Future Implementation List(Means I need to research more before I even start on these):
    • Sound (I'm all for the theatrics)
    • Railgun (airsoft alternative too for mech-warfare)
    • Sensors for autonomous turret tracking (yea I'm a bit lazy to aim and drive at the same time)


    Pics: (You can tell I'm and artist no?)

    Front leg(s):

    My Programmer's HERE!!!! (little yellow thing connected to my laptop)

    I'm so excited!

    My robot just hanging. Also that white thingy with cutouts is the laundry hamper lid I used to make my parts :P

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    Quote Originally Posted by Fanatic View Post
    Ok so this is me posting to motivate myself...(oh yes and I'm new so...hello!)
    My project is a "Gundam Igloo" inspired tank, called the Hildolfr.
    I had to google this to see what you were talking about. Very cool project! I look forward to seeing your progress.

  3. Re: Hildolfr Mobile Weapon

    So I just had a realization, my dual servo legs are not gonna be smooth when it there's gonna be lots of sliding.....
    I need a new idea...
    New idea: so I just crawled on the floor for a couple of minutes...on my elbows and knees....
    To fix the sliding problem ill need a bendable/rotational region in the waist....

    Scrapping the 6 legs design for now, need to start with 4 to implement this new body.

    Edit: going for just 4 legs no rotational body, looked too much like an animal which I won't love enough to finish so I'm designing it more like an armored core.
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    Re: Hildolfr Mobile Weapon

    Neat project Fanatic, keep at it!

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    hehe finally got used to coding the servos and got to it to show signs of life!

    [ame=""]YouTube - ‪Hildolfr: It's First Twitch‬‏[/ame]

    Learned how to do timer interrupts first before finding C++ had a __delay_us() function in its library .
    Using easy polling techniques with __delay_us() for prototyping to learn basic quad leg movement
    However will switch back to timer interrupts in final coding for it's program speed.

    The whole robot is currently modular and has 2DoF in each leg, will add more if necessary.

    Next build goal: The rotational turret platform. Switching out remaining weaker sg90 servos for mg995. Rotational limiter and support for the legs to reduce energy consumption in tank mode. Swapping linear regulators to switching regulators to reduce overall energy consumption.

    Next programming goal: Implement a tilt sensor/accelerometer for variable movement. Decide if tank track motors are can help with 2DoF movement and program accordingly.

    ps. I also added prices to all the things I bought in the 1st post.
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