During the May meeting we had a special guest that did a short presentation on a Project that he will be working on shortly. Jonathan Green is a member of the Sideshow Theatre Company and the director of the upcoming play Heddatron.

This play is unique in that five of the “actors” are robots. His project consists of presenting the play in early or mid 2011 and is looking for people to help him design and build the robots. The robots, more than props, are characters that interact with the human actors, but they do not need to be sophisticated. Jonathan is looking for simple devices that can be radio controlled so that the robot can be moved throughout the stage as needed. Some of the robots have spoken lines, so some mechanism to reproduce a voice is also necessary, but can be as simple as a strategically placed loudspeaker on the stage and not necessarily originate from the robot itself.

The construction of the robot is with an emphasis on art, design and symbolism as instructed by the play’s director with the robots having a minimal amount of functionality. Each robot has their own personality which is reflected on their physical appearance.

Jonathan will be starting the planning stage sometime in June. Contact him or any Chibots officer if you are interested in this project. For Jonathan’s contact information, go to the Sideshow Theatre Company website, click on the “Company” link (top right) and click on the email link below his name. For more information, please have a look at the following links:

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