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    Draco 08 - Quad Mech

    Ok, I am finally getting around to starting my project thread for the Mech I am working on for Mech Warfare 2011. I will definitely be going, and I have to get it done before the time comes, so I work on some part of it at least for a little while everyday. I might not get so much physical work done each day or week, but I am learning things, like Autodesk Inventor, C++ Programming, Electronics, etc. Guys like Tyberius, Inxfergy, Upgrayd, and Webgeek have all helped me out a ton already. Even if not directly, I have used a lot of their tutorials at least to get my stuff up and running.

    Alright, so to get on with what has happened so far with my Mech. It is going to be a Quad, seeing as I wanted to go with a Biped, but I knew it would be a little much for my first run at this. Plus I think I came up with a really nice design so far for what I want to do. I am using the Robotis Bioloid Comprehensive Kit so far. (That was a blast to put together all of the projects that come with that, and had a walking Biped, Quad, Dinosaur, within a day per project. Its a good build all on its own.) I have stepped past the CM-5 now and am using the Arbotix Robocontroller setup from Trossen Robotics website. I got the startup kit with the 2 Xbees and the AVR Programmer and Xbee explorer board. Now then, I assembled just a mock up of something That I am trying to do, just using the Bioloid brackets. So I haven't customized any parts yet, but after assembled, I used the NUKE and PyPose software, uploaded them to the Arbotix, and had my very own walking Quad Mech Robot. It is getting power through the Power Block that came with the Bioloid Kit right now, and that runs throught the USB Bioloid Bus Board to the Arbotix. Oh, and it is also running wirelessly via controller through the Xbees to my computer, and just test run through the NUKE program. So thats what I have done so far with the physical aspect of my Mech. I will be posting pictures and a video at the end of the post.

    The future plans for the Mech, are to custom build the torso and chasis. Attach 2 tank aursoft guns. Install a Trendnet IP 110 camera for vision. Add LiPo batteries for power. Be controller from a PS# controller possibly, unsure how hard that is to do right now. (Will post about that in another thread, but answer here also if you want.) Thats about it. I want to keep it simple, not too many extras on it (i.e. range finders, IR, etc.). I want to keep it as light as possible for quick movement around the arena.

    If you have any questions about what I am doing with it or comments about any parts, please let me know. This is my first robot build, so I need lots of help and pointers.

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