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Thread: Robosapien V2 /Johnny 5 track mod help

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    Question Robosapien V2 /Johnny 5 track mod help

    Hi all definitely a newbie here,
    have been trawling thru the forums, looking at everyone's projects..alot of good ones...
    here's mine ....sort of has been thrust upon me...My eldest autistic son(10yrs) has had a robosapien V2 since xmas '06, But 6 months ago, he got abit excited & broke it,(he fell on it).Well he broke the robots legs... abit beyond the normal putting back I thought i could go one step further and put tracks and a base similar to Johnny 5 on it instead.
    But am little unsure of what to be aware of using existing connection as inputs into a "motor controller or "micro-controller" , power needed or buy a kit a "make it" work to best i can...Any help or direction would be appreciated heaps , am in "the deep end" here that's for sure...BTW I totally loved the Mod that 4mem8 has made it rocks big time

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    Re: Robosapien V2 /Johnny 5 track mod help

    I think 4mem8 did exactly what you are planning. Search through his posts and through his gallery and you may find something useful.
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