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Thread: Turtlebot 3 parts? Where to get things like special screws?

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    Turtlebot 3 parts? Where to get things like special screws?

    I would like to experiment with ROS2 with the Turtlebot 3 and since currently the ROS2 code does not support the Waffle, and I have some spare parts, I thought I might order a few more parts and build the beginnings of a Burger. But it appears like the Robotus Store (at lest the one in the US) only carries a subset of the needed parts.

    My first wish is that their stores would carry more of the need parts. Alternatively for at least some of the other parts, maybe provide a list of locations that carry some of these parts. Hopefully for several of the different locations around the world.

    Example parts:

    a) 35mm and 45mm stand offs, used between plates - There are places where I believe you can get the exact parts, but so far I am using a set of brass standoffs sold by Amazon:

    b) Screws to attach the servos to the waffle plates: PH_T2.6x12mm - Not sure where to get these. I do see some kits/parts either on Amazon or EBay that include something like them, but they ship from China or the like, with an estimated delivery of between 2 and 6 weeks, which I really don't want to have to wait that long.

    c) Lipo battery extension cable

    Not sure what else yet...


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    Re: Turtlebot 3 parts? Where to get things like special screws? has all the hardware bits you need.

    For example, 12mm M2.6 socket cap screws are available at $10.48 for 50, plus shipping.
    The main drawback with mcmaster is that they don't show you the additional sales tax and shipping charges they will charge you in the web interface. You just have to trust them not to overcharge :-( Usually shipping is $6-$8 for me, though, so that's not so bad.

    (you can sometimes also find what you need at Fastenal, which has physical stores in most cities)

    For LiPo extensions, either buy the correct connections and some silicone insulated wire of the right gauge and solder your own (my favorite,) or get something from

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    Re: Turtlebot 3 parts? Where to get things like special screws?


    I will probably order some of those from McMaster...

    Not exactly sure what the right ones are. It is interesting for the
    TB3 Burger they mention using PH_T2.6x12mm_K
    But for the Waffle they talk about using: PH_M2.5x12mm_K

    They use different servos XL430-W250-T vs XM430-W210-T

    But the Steel Thread-Forming Screws for Thin Plastic (
    Look like maybe it might work...

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    Re: Turtlebot 3 parts? Where to get things like special screws?

    I received more information last night on the Robotis forum:

    The actual parts are from MISUMI. probably one like: Cross Recessed Pan Head Tapping Screws:

    Looks like they have some in stock that would ship in 5 days from the East coast... I am on the west... So will see if mayb mcmasters and/or Fastenal might have the equivalent.

    Thanks again

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