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Thread: More Mule then Rover?

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    Re: More Mule then Rover?

    I like them wheelchair motors for projects.

  2. Re: More Mule then Rover?

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    working on cameras

  3. Re: More Mule then Rover?

    I like them wheelchair motors for projects.
    they are sweet motors, I have some with factory encoders in them.

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    Re: More Mule then Rover?

    I like the light mount. Seems like it should get enough distance to give a more even spread than if it was just placed in front like headlights?

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    Re: More Mule then Rover?

    I think Tician's point is that forces, over time, may fatigue the metal when all the stress is concentrated. Building a "chassis" of two long bars, and bolting things onto that, would generally distribute the stresses better. If stresses aren't big enough, then it kind-of doesn't matter, which seems to be your assessment?

    I have no idea whether your mule is actually close to a critical point or safely designed, I'm just interesting in running the numbers pointed out by Tician.

    I looked up 1/2" steel bolts. Safe working load for a 1/2" bolt (grade 2/5/8) is 940 pounds shear, 760 pounds tensile. (Catastrophic failure, i e immedite breakage, load is about 10-20x higher, depending on grade.) Will your bot weigh 760 pounds or more? Will it rock left/right such that weight is unevenly balanced? Will it get stuck and apply more torque, or bump into uneven terrain so the load is increased by inertia? If so, 1/2" bolts may fail over time. The table I used:

    "hardened steel"
    If durability under bending stress is what you want, hardened will crack sooner than less hard steel. It of course depends on the specific loads, but too much carbon makes it brittle. There is also tempering where you harden, then "back off" by relaxing in medium heat for a bit, which gives a better trade-off between brittle and touch. Maybe that's what you're using?

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    Re: More Mule then Rover?

    I bet it will survive the few years before his next iteration!

    Looking marvelous as always, Tommy!

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    I like the light mount.
    jwatte, a work in progress, the parts I have done so far are the snow plowing attachment, but I want the lighting and cameras systems
    on the main unit(back section not made yet).

  8. Re: More Mule then Rover?

    the best I can do is 300lb per tire.

    If I had to question something, it would be the main axle brackets.
    but the last frame used the same setup and held for four years.

    Click image for larger version. 

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