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Thread: Mammalian Inspired Quad IRON WOLF

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    Mammalian Inspired Quad IRON WOLF


    Start Date: 18-2-2010
    Software version: v1.0
    Description: Iron Wolf 4DOF Quadruped project.

    Here i have converted Xan's "Phoenix_V1.3" hexapod code for upright quadruped locomotion, using
    Zenta's "Felix_V2.0" as a reference, and pre-convertion of Xans V2.0.
    Hardware setup: ABB2 with ATOM Pro28, SSC32 V2, PS2 remote, 16x HS645MG servos

    This Project introduces the mammalian style quadruped robot, iv called Iron Wolf.
    Originally this project started off as a biped project.

    This quadruped robot is my second attempt. my first attempt didn't get walking as i didn't have the know how and programming skill so accomplish it.
    After using Xans Hexapod Phoenix code v2.0 it gave me a starting format to base my quad on.

    The design for this quad started out as 5dof but i soon realized i wouldn't need the hip rotate servo so it was soon removed from the design.

    Here are the design ideas for leg placements.

    this will explain how i have used the hexapod code to mimic upright loco.
    i have used the calculations for the "phoenix"'s rear legs to get my "Quad" rear legs to work. this works great as they resemble them mechanically quite closely.

    the first build..

    A small video Demonstrating some of the gaits, i was testing for this project.
    obviously many of these gait will not work on this robot but they are examples of quadruped gaits, so i thought it may be of interest to others.
    some included

    [ame=""]YouTube- Quadruped robot IRON WOLF gait test[/ame]

    One major problem i had with the robot was stability. to over come this while i was testing the gaits i added some large feet.
    they helped me test the code and also gave me some fun. looked kinda funny.

    [ame=""]YouTube- IRON WOLF Quadruped Robot walking +turning[/ame]

    for more videos:

    once i had the code working fine i started to finalist the design to its optimal level.
    although i lost some of the DOF, it worked well without those large feet.

    This was complete accident but i thought it looked cool so i decided to share it with you.
    i was using L2 body moves and using the right J/stick down it allows it to move back and sit up. . . cool.

    Jonny Poole,

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    Re: Mammalian Inspired Quad IRON WOLF

    Ahhhhh- damn that's cool! Can it fetch and roll over yet? How long can you operate it with that size battery?

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    Re: Mammalian Inspired Quad IRON WOLF

    i can get about 15mins from this battery on a constant run, since removing some servos from 5per leg to 4per leg iv got it to go for about 20mins. thanks for your comment.

    Jonny Poole,

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