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Thread: Recommendations for high capacity Lithium ion battery packs?

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    Re: Recommendations for high capacity Lithium ion battery packs?

    I guess I should clarify that Ive only dealt with two cheap brands previous to my thunderpower switch, but I've never been happier with the switch. I also like the option of using the milspec line, which is insanely light/compact. Definitely can't compare genetics there, but they're spendy.

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    Re: Recommendations for high capacity Lithium ion battery packs?

    Thanks for the suggestions. Safety *is* one of my top priorities since every time I recharge my current lipos I wonder if this is the time I burn the house down...The LiFePO were new to me and it sounds like they are much safer than lipos. Also, in terms of capacity, I am looking for something at least 10000mAh in a single battery so I can run the robot for several hours on a charge and I only have to charge one battery, use one DC-DC converter, etc. Seems that Hobby City tops out at around 4500mA per battery. The ThunderPower site lists lipos up to 8000 mA but not LiFePO as far as I can see.

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    Re: Recommendations for high capacity Lithium ion battery packs?

    Well if weight is not a super concern, then A123 packs it is! With a Dewalt pack and two more cells you could make a 3S4P pack that is 9.9V nominal and 10400mAh for 840g in cells.

    btw. You can parallel charge your lipo packs.

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