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    Peace and blessings everyone!
    actually i need some serious help here.. i ll participate in a robotics contest. and i m complete beginner. I want help in "line tracking",what are "GENERIC BOARDS n THERE PROGRAMMING". what is the best thing to use for rgb color SENSORS?? and best mechanical mechanism to pick up a 18*18cm wooden box.

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    The best generic board in my opinion is the arduino. It comes in tons of different forms and is programed in a language based on C/C++ "that may sound difficult but with the number of online tutorials out there its not to hard". The arduino has analog and digital inputs so you can reed pretty much anything but I'm not really familiar with rgb sensors. As for the 18*18cm box I can not help you there either, it may require a custom solution? Also a board that some people like is the picaxe. I think it is programed in a "basic" style language.
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    Thank you so much.

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    Re: need some serious help

    A really good beginner kit that has the capability of line following is the Lego NXT kit. It comes with directions and a graphic programming language that is a precursor to Labview. While designed for kids and beginners, you can do some pretty amazing things with the NXT kit including expand it to work with regular hobby servos. I use it in my class and would recommend it hands down.


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    yeah i have seen that kit. and i do plan to buy it. Thanks 4 the sincere suggestion.

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    I have to chime in on the nxt bit. I bought myself one about a year ago because I didn't know any programming and thought it would be a good intro to robotics. I can't recommend the kit as highly as DB does for a couple of reasons. First it's expensive, you could stretch that much money out over quite a few beginner sized robotics projects. Second the abs plastic that technic is made from is bendy, which is not a big deal if your robots are little, but I found the legos to be too mechanically limiting. That said the included software really is very easy to use and expand. The arduino suggestion is also very good. I've been learning to program on mine and I'm doing pretty well, the learning curve is very reasonable.

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