Hello folks,

Once upon a time I ordered Trossen Robotics Pincher Kit to have same fun with robot control. I built my kid, started some tests and unfortunately I've been disappointed how jerky and inaccurate this controller is. Probably for spiders and other similar stuff it doesn't matter but pinchers are different story.

It was impulse for me to build my driver replacement for AX-12A dynamixel motor. Project is working already as a wire-wrapped prototype:

When you stop laughing you can read what is already done :
- firmware is running on Freescale Cortex-M0 device
- dynamixel protocol is implemented but not all functions are handled yet
- pid is implemented already, working well but still I need to add some stuff

Now I am going to choose final microcontroller and to design PCB board. I am still confused about that but I would like to finish it this year. Source code will be available on github soon. If you enjoy to participate in this project you are welcome! If you have any ideas what you are missing in actual driver just let me know.

regards, bohun