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    I would like to enter our robot project in the 2010 contest here! Check out the latest information about it at

    This project is a family robotics project initially started two years ago and we add to it and update it as we have time. It is currently having the sinews and muscle lines restrung so we hope to have some video of it slithering across the floor by the end of the year.

    Unlike other snake robots, this one does not require wheels and does not have section "joints". It acts like a true snake in that the ribs are compressed together in a wave pattern such that a serpentine motion is generated moving it forward. Accelerometers and a gyroscope at various locations throughout the snake give feedback to determine position and progress. We even included a "rattle" in the tail.

    We also made a video about it to enter in the Freescale "Sense the World" video contest and are now a finalist! So PLEASE help us out and vote for it by Dec. 10, 2010. All it takes is a single "Like" click on facebook and youtube!
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