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Thread: Newbie Question - Bioloid Premium Humanoid Type A

  1. Newbie Question - Bioloid Premium Humanoid Type A

    Hi...I am a beginner and just completed build of the BIOLOID Premium Type A humanoid. I have 2 questions...

    1 -He seems to work fine for all moves EXCEPT: if on his back he cannot get up...he starts to then does not complete motion and falls back over...Everything seems setup ok
    Any suggestions?

    2 - I notice he is a little bit unstable when walking on floor...floor in basement is not completely smooth but not too bad either...So I wonder if his gyro is working..Is there an effective way to test it?

    Thanks so much for taking the time to read this.

    Mr. Dizney

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    Re: Newbie Question - Bioloid Premium Humanoid Type A

    I'm not sure about the bioloid premium. There should be an alignment or setup section where you can make sure all of the servos are centered properly. Try running that. I have a regular bioloid. A few servos being off by just a little bit can make a big difference down the line.

    Hope this helps.


  3. Re: Newbie Question - Bioloid Premium Humanoid Type A

    Thanks for the quick response darkback I will try that.

  4. Re: Newbie Question - Bioloid Premium Humanoid Type A

    I am having the exact same problem. I believe there are a few responses on the Robotis Q&A section regarding testing the Gyro, but I have been pretty busy so haven't tried. Its a little strange though as all other demo motions work ok, except the "stand up when on back". I have also noticed that when using the RC controller, 2 of the BUTTON 1 + ??? functions make the robot smash to the floor. I cant remember off hand which 2, but I have a wooden floor and havent repeated in on carpet yet. Maybe the 2 problems are related.

    If I find any more info I will post here

  5. Re: Newbie Question - Bioloid Premium Humanoid Type A

    Thanks andcorptech!

    I think I need to ensure the Gyro is functioning via those Q&A's...I saw them but have not had time to try either. As for the getting up from its back, I even download the latest motion file out there and it does not work...I assume that motion file will need to be tweaked.

    As for the 1+U and 1+D that slam the robot down on it's face or back, I think the issue is there that those controls are to get up from lying on back or on front and they assume the robot is down in the first place...which, when standing, is not the correct assumption. Perhpas the motion program for that control does not look at position of gyro before executing or, as you note, if the gyro is not fucntioning it would not necessarily know the Robot's orientation.


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    Re: Newbie Question - Bioloid Premium Humanoid Type A

    There's information in the E-Manual on tweaking your zero position, I think it's called 'Modify Offset' or something like that. It's in the software section. That helps 9 times out of 10 on default balance using the basic gaits. Not sure if Gyro is enabled by default, mine didn't come with one!

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    Re: Newbie Question - Bioloid Premium Humanoid Type A

    The gyro never knows orientation, only angular velocity. This allows it to somewhat compensate for excessive roll/pitch while walking (i.e. balancing). The program checks to make sure the bot is stationary during its initialization of the gyro. If the bot is not stationary and/or the "gyroexists" (not sure of the exact name) variable is not set to true, then there will be no modifications to the joint offsets during motion.

    In my experiences with both Comprehensive and Premium Humanoids, they never work without some tweaking of the joint offset page in RoboPlus Motion. Even with tweaking, the gyro has not always done much to help the Premium Humanoid to balance.

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