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    RoboPlus Motion Editor

    We have no trouble constructing and testing a single motion page of up to 7 steps using the motion and/or pose editors in the latest version of RoboPlus. The question is: how can you test multiple motion pages in sequence? Selecting a range of pages and pressing F7 has odd results, seeming to race through at superspeed to the final page. Testing a single line ignores the NEXT and EXIT entries. Is it necessary to create a Task to test the multiple motion pages? Or am I missing something?

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    Re: RoboPlus Motion Editor

    Unfortunately, from what I've seen you have to have an entry in your task bound to that starting motion page. I recently did a bunch of development in Roboplus for my RX-24F humanoid. What I did was set specific button combinations on my controller to a bunch of pages, write those combinations down, and then go work on motions. That way, as soon as I updated the motion file I could power up the robot and test it.

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    Hate the long save test reconnect cycle

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    Hi Herman (and everyone)

    I'm using the Bioloid Premium kit, with the software that came with it and a CM510. If I upload the motion file to the robot, it does recognise chained pages (I've used next but haven't found a use for exit yet).

    So by uploading the motion pages and running them from the CM510 tab (as opposed to the 'local' motion file tab) I can test linked pages.

    Also, if you want to cut down on upload time, edit the motion pages directly on the CM510. Once again, this means working in the CM510 tab. When you click the save icon, it will update only those pages which you have changed - much faster than a full upload.

    Let me know if any of this doesn't make sense and I'll take some screenshots.

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    I edit on cm510 already but still not as quick as I like

    The exit jumps to the exit frame when you put motion page -1 in robotask

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