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    Hello everyone,
    anyone has experience with RedBee RFID Reader? I recently purchased two reader for a small project. I read the documentation and configured with the XBee modules. During the modules configuration through serial communication I have lost the connection. Since then I can no longer communicate with the modules.

    Can anyone tell me if there is a way to reset the boards? It's possible that an incorrect command has damaged the card?

    Thanks for any suggestions. I do not know what to do ..

  2. Re: RedBee RFID


    Have to attempted to download our C# applications (at bottom of page under RFID development) to test your RedBee readers?

    What do you mean that you can no longer communicate with them? Do you mean that you're typing commands in the terminal, and you're getting nothing back? Do you mean that you're using our test apps, and they're not working?

    We need more to go on here. Please list out the steps that you took to configure your RedBees + Xbee modules to communicate w/ your (or our) application.

    Best Regards,

    Jason Summerour
    Summerour Robotics Corp

  3. Re: RedBee RFID

    Hi Jason,
    thank you for reply! I solved the problem. I have activated the Shared Serial Device Protocol (SSDP) mode and when I send commands they are not in correct format wiht destination/source in the header.

    But there's one thing I was unable to configure. RedBee RFID module work very well with the XBee version 1 but with version 2 they can not work. The pdf guide explains how to configure the XBee version 1 with the Digi tool, but with the version 2 the properties change. I tried some configurations but without success.

    There are in web some useful guide?


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