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Thread: SOLVED: Arbotix + Arduino IDE + Ubuntu + Invalid Device Sig

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    Exclamation SOLVED: Arbotix + Arduino IDE + Ubuntu + Invalid Device Sig

    Okay so I am in the middle of the PhantomX build, getting ready to wire up (think I need to order up some cables - help Matt!!! - I was messing with bioloid kit cables, not quite cutting it) - so I decide let's get the Arbotix up and running. Works great on Windows, but I wanna mess with ROS and Ubuntu is the way to go, so I got my Ubuntu 10.10 VM running, FTDI all installde /dev/ttyUSB0 is good to go, I hook up the Arbotix which in windows I setup to echo serial so I can make sure it's connected. Arduino IDE Serial Monitor fired up connected to Arbotix board and Hello there serial print comes up, I am connected.

    Now I try to upload a sketch - bam - invalid device sig, yuck, did some searching on this - found the answer, I haven't seen it posted and I remember following the PhantomX thread. It's easy easy fix.

    If you followed the Arbotix Arduino IDE setup, then in your sketches/hardware/ is board.txt - this is all I did:

    # To use an ISP: uncomment the next line, comment out the protocol line

    commented out "stk500" and setup "arduino" tada, I updated my sketch to "Hello Ubuntu" uploaded and in serial monitor I was rewarded with a welcome to Ubuntu

    Chuck Durham
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    Re: Arbotix + Arduino IDE + Ubuntu + Invalid Device Sig FIX!!

    Just as a follow up, from discussion we just had in the chat room. This fix is applicable to those users who install Arduino IDE through apt-get on Ubuntu. The website download from comes with a custom version of avrdude, which doesn't require this patch.

    Edit: I've added a note on this to the ArbotiX wiki Getting Started page.

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