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Thread: Recognizing traffic cones

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    Recognizing traffic cones

    My rover project, which I intend to enter into Robogames 2013, took a step forward this week-end, when I made it recognize traffic cones from low-quality (== harshly quantized MJPEG) webcam pictures.

    I uploaded some images into the member galleries:

    ere's an example image. Recognized cones are outlined by a gray rectangle, blacker for more uncertainty, whiter for more certainty.

    The algorithm converts the image to HCL space (hue, chroma, lightness) and then runs a clustering/voting algorithm on sub-blocks for color classification, and then runs a morphological "cone recognizer" filter before deciding on what features are traffic cones, and finally draws the rectangles on top of the classified image. Input files are 1920x1080 MJPEG, output files are 240x135 when using 8x8 voting blocks.

    Improvements still planned include using center-of-gravity based decisions for where to put the outline (important when aiming for the center of a cone) and recognition of things other than cones (lawns, concrete paths, and other drivable terrain, and trees and other obvious obstacles, if I'm persistent enough.)

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    Very cool! I love watching the navigator competition in robotgames. Will totally be looking at your project closely.
    Also are you wirelessly transfering the image to your laptop for computation or do you have everything on the robot.

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    Re: Recognizing traffic cones

    Laptop? There's a mini-ITX motherboard with a Core i5-2500 and 8 GB of RAM on that thing :-)

    The only wireless part is an nRF24L01 based remote start/kill switch, which talks directly to the motor driver board, so I can stop it should the higher-layer stuff freak out. That's a project by itself, actually, that I might post about at some point, as I ended up re-writing both the nRF support library and the LCD display library available for the AVR...

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    Re: Recognizing traffic cones

    Sweet! I'd love to enter that competition some day. Good luck and looking forward to hearing of more progress!

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