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    Quad Mech: Khaos

    Hello TRC,
    It has been a while since I have posted anything of any significance and I am can't promise that I will update this thread regularly. Regardless though I just wanted to give everyone a preview of the mech that I have been working on for the 2011 MW season. So far my progress has been slow due to circumstances which are out of my control. I only have a little over a month to finish for RoboFest though so progress needs to speed up considerably. This mech is actually being built with school funding so I am able to do a few things that I have been wanting to do but have not had the money.

    Name: Ig
    Layout: 3 dof quad
    Servos: 13x RX-24, 1x AX-12+
    Microcontroller: Arbotix +
    Power Cell: Lipo
    Armament: 2 modified tank guns
    Camera: Trendnet
    Construction materials: Aluminum, ABS

    Based on my experience building my last mech (Jeff) I have discoverd a few areas that needed to be improved in my overall design. The three main improvements are:

    1. Better control software- I had basically no gui at robogames and didn't even have a retical for aiming until sunday.

    2. Better gun(s)- last year I only had one very slow shooting tank gun that had issues with firing even when it was working successfully. Don't kid yourself with the whole "one hit per second" deal that is setup with the scoring system. You are still going to want at least 3 shots per second. This is due to the overall inaccurate nature of the airsoft guns. I plan on using two modified tank guns this year. If time permits I would also like to add some sensors to the guns to detect jams and misfires, as well as counting shots that are actually fired. This will make it easier to determine how much ammo I have during a match.

    3. Turret- I noticed a problem with a lot of the quad mechs at robogames (mine included) last year. The design that several quads were using put a lot of weight on a single servo, which allowed the turret to vibrate and move a lot while the mech was walking. The mechs were still driveable but it was a real pita. I noticed that there are several other members addressing this issue too and I am looking forward to helping come up with a better solution myself.

    Testing- One of the biggest problems I had last year was that I didn't really even finish Jeff till I was at Robogames. While I did fairly well considering that fact I know that with even a weeks worth of testing Jeff could have been a much better mech.

    I will try and keep everyone updated on my progress. Expect a few pictures later today.
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    Re: Quad Mech: Khaos

    Just a few little updates. Most of my parts are now in. Actually all of them except the guns. I will have some more pictures soon. I am going to try and get a bunch of work done over the weekend. In the meantime here is a lame picture I took on my phone.
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