Freescale just released a new 3-inch x 3-inch embedded Linux Computer.

The board runs at 1GHz, has 1GB RAM, and only cost $149.00

The board ships with Ubuntu installed. Simply plug-in a USB keyboard, mouse, and a VGA monitor and start writing your robot software in C, C++, bash, python, or perl.

There is even a Android BSP available if you would rather program in a Android envirionment and run Android applications on it.

This board has more then enough power to run OpenCV, and supports a USB web camera.

This is the perfect board for telepresence. It has more then enough power to support transmitting a video stream over WiFi ( using a USB web camera ) while also supporting a command channel to control the robot.

All the source-code for the board can be downloaded from Freescale's website, you can even download the schematics.

You can read more about the board here:

You can download additional information here: