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Thread: Driving a Solenoid Using the Arbotix

  1. Driving a Solenoid Using the Arbotix

    Is it possible to use the motor encoders on the Arbotix to drive a solenoid capable of pulling a gun trigger? I was thinking about connecting the solenoid across the +/- left motor outputs and outputting a 100% duty cycle for a few milliseconds. Then I found a thread about using solenoids with relays So instead of the Arbotix driving the solenoid I'd use a circuit like this one suggested by ScuD and the Arbotix would only have to switch on the circuit which drives the solenoid. I suppose this would be necessary if the Arbotix wasn't able to drive the solenoid, but are there any other advantages of this additional complexity?

    Is there a better way of mechanically pulling a trigger? I think Gepetto used a servo.


    Edit: Resolved. Going to use a relay with the Solenoid. Thanks Andrew.
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