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Thread: Where to buy Molywhite

  1. Where to buy Molywhite

    Do anyone know where can I get Molywhite RE No.00, either small quantity or alot.

    Thanks in advance!

    Alaark Robotics
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  3. Re: Where to buy Molywhite

    No, he means Molywhite Grease, its a robot grease.

    Try these guys...

    R.M. Hoffman Company


  4. Re: Where to buy Molywhite

    I found a new Company to add to the list for MolyWhite and Vigo Grease. MotionUSA has it in stock and they have been the lowest price I found. They also carried it in small quantity 14oz to 55 gallon.

  5. Re: Where to buy Molywhite

    I tried MotionUSA, NOT recommended! High prices and long lead times. They didnt really know what they were talking about either, probably just another line item.

    I've been buying this stuff and shopping around for a loooong time. RM Hoffman still seems to be the best option by far. I also found another company recently, who had Molywhite and Vigo Grease at truly the lowest prices, but haven't needed to order any just yet. They had all sizes, plus Harmonic Grease in stock. Great one-stop-shop. They will probably get the order for my summertime preventative maintenance work.

  6. Re: Where to buy Molywhite

    I disagree I have purchased from those companies as well. MotionUSA has always had the lowest price and it was in-stock every-time. Plus they advertise their prices on-line its up front with no surprises if you visit those companies website`s the prices are not listed. I am a qualified engineer that really shouldn't need to submit an RFQ just to purchase a product like grease.

    Just my opinion.

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