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Thread: KVH DSP-3000 gyroscopes for sale

  1. KVH DSP-3000 gyroscopes for sale

    I have four KVH DSP-3000 fiber optic gyroscopes. Serial, 1000HZ, asynchronous. Decided the DSP-5000's were more what I was looking for. Three of them are new and sealed in their original boxes, one has been opened for a test fit, and its still sealed in its anti-static bag. Can include pictures or answer any questions (hopefully).

    Email or send a PM if interested.


  2. Re: KVH DSP-3000 gyroscopes for sale

    And here's the pictures. Again, any questions or offers, feel free to email, PM, or post here.


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    Re: KVH DSP-3000 gyroscopes for sale

    How much you asking?

  4. Re: KVH DSP-3000 gyroscopes for sale

    Well, thats the rub. I'm not good at bartering. When they were bought, they were $5000 a piece. Here's the body of an e-mail from kvh as to what they're worth, and lead times for them today:

    KVH is pleased to provide you with pricing and delivery for our DSP 3000 Fiber Optic Gyro;

    KVH P/N Description

    02-1222-07 Digital, RS-232, 1 kHz, Asynchronous

    32-0780 Mating harness, dual-lobe connector w. 12” flying leads
    Note: required to connect DSP-3000 within all systems

    DSP-3000 Pricing; Harness Pricing;
    Qty. 1-10 $ 4,050.00 Qty: ALL $ 149.00

    All pricing above is Ex-Works factory (Tinley Park, IL 60477) and is valid for thirty (30) days from date of issue, lead time is typically 8 weeks ARO, but please let me know your on-dock requirements, and we will do our best to support you. All standard KVH terms and conditions apply and can be provided upon request.

    So, I'd hope for $3500 a piece? Otherwise make me a reasonable offer?

  5. Re: KVH DSP-3000 gyroscopes for sale

    Geeze, even with the excuse of a busy week/end, I apparently can't properly convey my thoughts. Here's the link to the technical manual: pages 7 to 11. The KVH site requires a sign up to view the same .pdf. Again, PM, email, or message me here with any questions/offers/etc.


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